Trinity Force Universal Rail Cover Black

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Preserve your rails with the Trinity Force Keymod/M-Lock Rail Cover for complete protection against sweat, grease, and other substances that may affect the quality of your rail. Trinity Force built these Gun Accessories Store with a heat-resistant rubber construction for a strong platform that you can trust. The low-profile design of this Trinity Force Protective Rail Cover offers a comfortable, secure grip. You can mount these covers on all standard interface systems where there's negative space. Fit these covers to any rail space by easily cutting them into your preferred size. Grab a Trinity Force Universal Rail Cover today to get five strips that can cover up to 30 KeyMod or M-Lock slots for guaranteed protection.


Color: Black


  • Mounts on to all industry standard negative space rail interface systems
  • Low profile design for comfortable and secure grip
  • Heat resistant rubber construction for solid strength and reliability
  • Designed to combat sweat, grime, and grease to improve rifle contact points